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Zoobin Surty

Zoobin Surty

Zoobin Surty

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Zoobin Surty

Zoobin Surty

Zoobin Surty

Zoobin Surty, Zorastrian dance artist from Mumbai, India trained in Indian classical forms of dance and graduated from Northern School of Contemporary Dance in UK, with Masters in Choreography. He has been a Cultural Dance Ambassador at South Asian Arts in Leeds for 5 years in the UK.


An artistic director, creator and collaborator who expresses mythologies and hybrid urban choreographies within his works. 

He has performed, choreographed, directed Dance theatre, commercials, pop stars, films with his Indian dance company and toured India, USA, Canada, South Africa, Dubai & Japan.  

His expertise and experience in Contemporary Bollywood dance has been very popular in the region of the North of England.

Zoobin runs his classes all over the region, promotes Indian dance in schools, colleges, Universities & Special needs dance education. Zoobin Surty Company performs for corporate events and their productions. 

Indian/Bollywood Workshops

The class is focussed on activating the eastern / Indian style of dance by rendering stimuli / demonstration with rhythmic phrasing, experimenting with pupil’s abilities and strengths, linking them together into dance sequence in space, using contrasts in speed, level and direction and overall multicultural experience and FUN.

The class consists of;

  1. Introduction

  2. Warm up

  3. Gestures / Mudras of hands

  4. Partner work

  5. Travelling sequences

  6. Bollywood or Contemporary or Indian kathak dance

  7. Cooling down


Please contact Zoobin for bookings or further information.