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Our workshops focus on activating the Eastern/Indian style of dance through the effective rendering of stimuli and rhythmic phrasing. Through interactive demonstrations and engaging exercises, we nurture and explore the participants' abilities and strengths, seamlessly linking them into dance sequences that traverse the space, incorporating contrasts in speed, level, and direction.


Throughout the workshop, students will embark on a multicultural experience, fostering an environment of enjoyment and FUN.


The workshop structure consists of the following key elements:

1. Introduction: A brief introduction sets the context and goals of the workshop, establishing a positive and encouraging atmosphere.

2. Warm-up: Participants engage in a comprehensive warm-up session to prepare their bodies for the dance movements ahead.

3. Gestures / Mudras of hands: The significance and artistry of hand gestures, known as Mudras, will be explored, enhancing the students' expressive capabilities.

4. Partner work: This segment encourages collaboration and coordination as participants explore partner-based movements and connections.

5. Travelling sequences: Participants will delve into dynamic travelling sequences, exploring movement in different directions and spatial patterns.

6. Bollywood or Contemporary or Indian Kathak dance: Students will have the opportunity to explore and immerse themselves in the captivating dance styles of Bollywood, Contemporary, or Indian Kathak, depending on the workshop focus.

7. Cooling down: A calming and gentle cool-down session concludes the workshop, ensuring a safe transition from intense movement to relaxation.


For bookings or to tailor a bespoke workshop to specific requirements, please feel free to contact Zoobin. We are excited to bring the joy of dance and cultural exploration to your participants!

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