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My belief is to Educate, Enrich and Inspire our audiences and provide creative opportunities for all. 
I connect firstly with emotions, my day to day experiences, stories, poetries and Sanskrit text from BhagwadGita and happenings in the world. 
My main inspirations derive from my life experiences which, coincidently, becomes a universal concept / issue. For example, my child abuse, sexuality, bullies and bullying, celebration of lives and deaths. Collaborating with sculptors, artists, musicians and digital visual arts connects with my spine. 
I aspire to train new dancers and choreographers to create a discourse between cultures and art forms through thought provoking, dynamic performance, workshop delivery, connection with the audience and engagement with the wider heterosexual, bisexual and LGBTQ communities.
My aim is to fuse together western contemporary dance with Classical Indian forms to create a unique dance vocabulary and work towards delivering new cutting edge dance pieces. 
The ideologies and philosophy of creation is still unanswerable, just as it is the case when endeavouring to present a piece of dance work to an optimum level – an aspiration that  always proves incomplete. There is no limit to the growth. Reflecting over the dance works created by me, always presents a new lesson in discovery to me. I acknowledge and accept mistakes as it draws a pathway to a special change. 
I appreciate when the layers of the stimuli / thematics that initiate the first movement, arrive from the soul. That soul speaks volumes to display the art form through a process of scrutiny and meaningful transition to a professional standard, to be devoured by the audience, to absorb and  interpret with their emotions or connect with life or abstract tukda/material. Allowing the dance piece to be owned by the dancers / performers. Analysing my work is crucial as I enjoy being my own critic and appreciate the piece after the dramaturgy dissection and then cohesively marries all factors. 
I, as a creator, create and permit the freedom of movement, so the dancers own the dance and take full responsibility. It brings the pleasure of the idea of 'Me-my-mine' to the performers. 
My objective is to provide new students with experience of multidisciplinary and cross-cultural collaboration, creation and performance, with a view to making new connections and working towards a future international exchange of artists and ideas. 
Its synthesis of traditional Indian and contemporary western styles is unique in the dance world . It promises to deliver an exciting, innovative production, exploring the boundaries of contemporary dance alongside encouraging emerging artists / students to challenge the familiar and enter into a broader vista of dance collaboration and experimentation. It aims to foster multicultural, interdisciplinary practices, in the area of contemporary dance, whilst  introducing elements of Indian Classical and folk storytelling to wider audiences, and  providing a platform for emerging  students / artists, to develop their skills. 
The amalgamation of movements, costumes, technicalities, multidisciplinary factors and visual art cohesively merge a great production, but there are times when one strips away all those facets and creates just movement that resonates with the space (indoor / outdoor), to engage with the audience. 
The mind refreshes and maximises mental health for the artists, students and communities, who create relationships with this one escapism, called ‘DANCE’
My commitment to diversity, anti-racism and equality, reflects in my works and that would enhance to a degree a deconstruction of the curriculum, to create a dialogue to envision other cultures within the western dance world.

Artistic Statement: About Us
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