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As an artist, my paramount belief is to Educate, Enrich, and Inspire our audiences while providing creative opportunities for all. My creative process begins with a profound connection to emotions, drawing from personal experiences, stories, poetry, and Sanskrit text from Bhagavad Gita, as well as global occurrences.

Life experiences often lead to universal concepts and issues, such as child abuse, sexuality, bullying, celebrations of life and death. My artistic journey is further enriched through collaborations with sculptors, artists, musicians, and digital visual arts, which form an integral part of my creative spine.

I am deeply committed to training new dancers and choreographers, encouraging a discourse between cultures and art forms through thought-provoking and dynamic performances, workshop delivery, and meaningful engagement with the audience. Embracing and connecting with the heterosexual, bisexual, and LGBTQ communities is essential to my artistic vision.

My aspiration is to fuse western contemporary dance with Classical Indian forms, creating a unique dance vocabulary and presenting cutting-edge dance pieces. Despite the unanswerable nature of artistic creation, I continuously strive to reach an optimum level in my work, allowing for growth and learning from mistakes along the way.

The soulful connection to stimuli and thematics initiates the first movement, guiding the art form through a process of scrutiny and meaningful transition to a professional standard. This allows the dance piece to be truly owned by the performers, bringing them pleasure and ownership in their artistic expression.

My objective extends to providing new students with multidisciplinary and cross-cultural collaboration opportunities, aiming to foster future international exchanges of artists and ideas. By blending traditional Indian and contemporary western styles, my work stands unique in the dance world, pushing the boundaries of contemporary dance and encouraging emerging artists to explore new vistas of collaboration and experimentation.

While the amalgamation of movements, costumes, and technicalities contributes to great productions, there are moments when I strip away these facets, focusing solely on movement resonating with the space and engaging the audience.

Dance serves as an escape for the mind, refreshing and enhancing mental health for artists, students, and communities alike. My dedication to diversity, anti-racism, and equality is reflected in my works, aiming to deconstruct the curriculum and create a dialogue that envisions other cultures within the western dance world.

Ultimately, my artistic journey revolves around the pursuit of excellence, meaningful connections, and an unwavering commitment to fostering an inclusive and vibrant dance community.

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