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Zoobin Surty is an accomplished Zorastrian dance artist hailing from Mumbai, India. With extensive training in Indian classical dance forms and a postgraduate degree in Choreography from the prestigious Northern School of Contemporary Dance in the UK, he is a highly skilled individual in the realm of dance.

As a Cultural Dance Ambassador at South Asian Arts in Leeds, UK, Zoobin has actively contributed to the cultural exchange for over 5 years. He is a versatile artistic director, creator, and collaborator, infusing his works with mythologies and hybrid urban choreographies, resulting in captivating artistic expressions.

Zoobin's artistic journey extends across various platforms, having showcased his talents in performances, choreography, and direction of dance theatre, commercials, films, and collaborations with pop stars. His Indian dance company has been at the forefront, touring extensively in India, USA, Canada, South Africa, Dubai, and Japan.

Notably, Zoobin's expertise and experience in Contemporary Bollywood dance have garnered immense popularity in the North of England region. He actively contributes to the community by running dance classes, promoting Indian dance in educational institutions such as schools, colleges, and universities, and engaging in special needs dance education.

Additionally, Zoobin's company graces corporate events with mesmerizing performances, showcasing their artistic prowess in various productions. Through his dedication and passion for dance, Zoobin Surty has left a significant impact on the cultural landscape and continues to inspire and enrich the world of dance.

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